A comparison of Project vs Program Manager

Project Manager

Management of a single project on a single site for:
  • Renovation
  • Retrofit
  • New construction

Program Manager

A project manager, PLUS: 
  • Act as an extension of clients' staff in an agent role.
  • Scope can include design team management
  • Management of all services and activites beyond just building construction for a total program.
  • Involved from planning through occupancy.
  • Services for new single site projects, campus wide programs, or a local group of projects.

Multi-Site Program Manager

A program manager, PLUS: 
  • Services from a few sites up to thousands of sites over a wide geography.
  • High degree of design team collaboration to achieve design efficiencies for sites across a broad geography.
  • Great value for small projects over a wide geography.
  • Consolidated management of diverse contractors and vendors.