Foundational Tenet for All That We Do.

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Sustainability, along with safety, is one of our founding  tenets. As we have grown, we have been able to put a more focused effort on sustainability in the way we think of innovative solutions, work across a diverse nation, and as we consider our impact upon the world in which we live. We embrace the three pillars of sustainability in our long-term planning and our daily work:

  1. People (Social)
  2. Planet (Environment)
  3. Profit (Economic

We look forward to expanding our sustainable efforts within each of these pillars and to growing our view of sustainability within our personal lives as we become a company with a deeper drive towards sustainable development. Our goal is to make noticeable, positive impacts in the communities in which we live and serve:

  • As a company, we evaluate the work we do to see if there is a way to accomplish it with more efficiency, lower energy usage, or in a manner with a lower impact upon the environment.
  • For our clients, we will bring to them ideas we have that will save them on their resources, on their energy usage, or upon their potential impact to the environment.
  • And we encourage our employees to think outside of the box and to bring to us new and innovative technologies or ideas that will help us become more responsible in our sustainable development work.