Connecting with the Memory of the Fallen Soldier

We lead busy, connected, and very much in the moment lives in the 21st Century. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, you name it, we can reach out at anytime to an extended group of friends, family, clients, business partners with just a click of a mouse, a touch of a screen, a push on a keyboard to express ourselves in almost real time to them in the internet universe.

So, in this age of instant expression, how do we continue to memorialize the sacrifice of the Fallen Soldier to this great country? We can reach out “instantly” to the families of the recently killed in action, but not as easily to those who died in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, World War I and II, Korea, and even Vietnam.

Well the Scouts, families and friends of Cub Scout Pack 407, from Hendersonville, Tennessee, led by their Scout Troop Leader, our Project Executive, and former Army Captain, Doug Gafney broke the code. They did it with VMs, visible messages.

Armed with hundreds of American flags these Scouts from Middle Tennessee unfurled, aligned, and deliberately pressed into the ground at each headstone of each man and woman in this National cemetery a visible message. In doing so, on this Saturday in May and for more than an instant, they made sure that on Memorial Day a “VM” blew proudly over their final resting place.

So without a smartphone, PC, or tablet, these young Cub Scouts in uniform outfitted with a flag and some guidance from their Scout Leader connected us all on Memorial Day to the proud memory of our Fallen Soldiers. Well-done Team!

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