Top Brands Share Ideas at TPC to Improve Multi-Site Construction Programs

Construction executives from leading national brands McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Cash America met at the 2nd annual Sevan Multi-Site Symposium, held this year at the PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

These executives shared their insights, ideas, and lessons learned with Sevan top management and our supporting vendors. Golf’s “5th major” provided an ideal atmosphere for a wide-ranging and productive discussion of the challenges facing leading national brands in rolling out multi-site construction projects.


As a program and construction management firm that works with major brands on large scale, multi-site design, build, rebuild, and remodel programs, we assist clients in delivering consistent branding strategies to remain relevant to their customers. Our construction and program management services range from new construction, remodels, rebuilds, re-branding and maintenance initiatives to asset inventory, design and engineering. The participants at the Sevan Multi-Site Symposium each learned unique, multi-site lessons as we worked together to deliver strategic changes and modifications…across regions and even nation. By sharing these unique lessons, we help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency that are vital to all of our clients as they observe, plan, and execute their respective strategies in their markets.

That’s why we host annually the Sevan Multi-Site Symposium. Our goal is to gather in a comfortable setting, away from the home office, with our key clients, to discuss multi-site challenges and opportunities, exchange ideas, and lessons in the market place. Ultimately we feel that gaining these multi-site program management insights across a variety of brands leads to smarter assessments, better planning, and faster delivTPC 1ery to the market place.

We are quite confident that taking the time to evaluate current challenges, off site, leads to the kind of insights that lead to proactive versus reactive multi-site brand improvements; the kind of improvements that keep a brand relevant to their customers in the market space.

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