McDonald’s: Success Acceleration Program (SAP)

Wow! What a ride it has been! Sevan Multi-Site Solutions’ nationwide relationship with McDonald’s was first launched with the So Cal Success Acceleration Program, affectionately known as SAP. SAP is the largest remodel program ever undertaken in the history of McDonald’s. It has touched over 650 locations and is managed exclusively by Sevan in concert with the McDonald’s Development Team.

SAP has not only been a huge success for Sevan, it has delivered breakthrough results for McDonald’s, too. During summer of 2017—the midpoint of the SAP program—the So Cal region leapt from #21 out of 22 McDonald’s regions to #1 in Average Sales per Customer and from #22 to #1 in Guest Counts! Unprecedented!

SAP is bold, innovative, and honors Ray Kroc’s founding vision of providing Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value in a family environment. The So Cal Success Acceleration Program resulted from the powerful idea of completely reinventing the customer experience at McDonald’s restaurants. The concepts behind reinventing the customer experience grew organically within the So Cal region Owner/Operator network and were embraced and enthusiastically fostered by the So Cal regional leadership.

The bedrock concept of SAP is to make McDonald’s restaurants more modern, appealing, and fun by offering fresh interiors and exteriors, games for children, table service, electronic ordering, and new menu items. These ideas have been brought to life by remodeling the interiors and exteriors of 300 older stores and the interiors and drive-thrus of 300 modern stores. The program began in earnest in March, 2016 and will be completed in June, 2019.

SAP was considered a daunting challenge when originally presented to McDonald’s national leadership. The company had never remodeled 600+ stores in one region over a 2.5 year period. But Troy Stephenson, Senior Vice President of Operations, declared Sevan’s commitment from day one: “We are going to complete this program on time,” he promised.

In fact, during the first 12 months of the program, Sevan was able to convert 161 non-modernized stores to the desired modernized profile. Work included removing the mansard roofs and changing them to parapet style, plus updating the interiors. In addition, Sevan updated 187 modernized stores to include interior and exterior digital menu boards, self-order kiosks, updated décor, and numerous other features. To date, Sevan has completed work on 300 non-modernized stores and 250 modernized stores in a 2-year time span. By the start of 2018, there will be only about 35 stores remaining to be remodeled in the entire region.

At its peak, SAP engaged as many as 18 Sevan employees. These experienced multi-site professionals managed the construction projects, provided architectural and engineering services, and wrapped all of that together with vital project coordination support. Key leaders of SAP include Troy Stephenson, Fred Vehorn, Mara Tsudis, and Shiron Olson. Vehorn and Tsudis were two of the very first members on the Sevan team and will remain involved until the program is complete. “One of the goals of this program was to show our capabilities and expand our business with McDonald’s,” said Stephenson. The team has met that goal and then some: SAP and its success has led to Sevan working in 10 of 13 McDonald’s regions concurrently.

Sevan thanks McDonald’s leadership for having the confidence to undertake the most ambitious program in the 60-year history of the company—breaking molds and conventions in the process—and for giving Sevan the opportunity to be the exclusive program manager.

The powerful benefits and amazing impact of the So Cal Success Acceleration Program will ripple throughout McDonald’s and the larger restaurant industry for decades. Sevan is honored to forever be part of that!

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