Sevan Celebrates Earth Day, Continues to Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is one of Sevan’s founding tenets, and to celebrate Earth Day, Sevan wanted to do something to help make an environmental impact locally, nationally and globally by supporting other organizations who use donations to make a difference for the environment and for people.

The Morton Arboretum

Locally, Sevan has made its second annual donation of $5,000 to the Morton Arboretum, a facility Sevan team members frequently use for events and personal trips. The Morton Arboretum provides a lot of educational experiences for youth and adults alike. They also are concerned for the plant-life we now have and perform research to help fight invasive pests and diseases which impact our trees, and this is just a part of their arboricultural efforts.

Nationally, Sevan has also made its second annual donation to the National Forest Foundation. Sevan’s donation of $7,400 will help to plant 7,400 trees. The trees will capture CO2 and help offset Sevan’s carbon footprint for 2018. This is also part of the National Forest Foundation’s campaign to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023, and Sevan is proud to be able to partner with them in this effort.

National Forest Foundation (NFF)

Working with The Water Project is Sevan’s global effort. The Water Project is “committed to bringing people together to solve the problem of finding clean water,” according to Sevan’s Director of Sustainability, Jay Richie, first discovered The Water Project in 2017 through his own interest and personal care for the environment.

“As we were moving from Ohio down to Texas, my kids noticed that the grass was stiff in Texas and not soft like the grass in Ohio,” Richie said. “At the time Texas was in a 13-year drought, so we noticed how important water is for life, and everything really, and as a family we wanted to get involved in helping people who don’t have close access to clean water.”

One in nine people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water, a statistic that The Water Project is working hard to improve. Sevan’s fundraising goal of $14,000 has the potential to provide safe water to a school system in a small community, said Richie.

A Facebook survey conducted by Jay Richie found that the average distance travelled to clean, drinkable water in the US was about six feet. The average distance that women in Asia and Africa must travel for water is 3.7 miles. This is not only a physical strain, but since almost two thirds of households rely on women and girls to collect the water, it also keeps women from their education.

The impact of access to clean water is not something that is often thought about in the United States, but globally it is something that people are dealing with every day. Sevan is excited to be contributing to The Water Project and supporting this important cause.


  To donate to Sevan’s Watering Well, visit Any employee donations can also be a part of The Sevan Charitable Foundation’s $500 per year matching program. Please contact Jay Richie at with any questions regarding Sevan’s sustainability or The Water Project. Donations will continue after Earth Day until the goal is met.
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