Sevan Conducts Safety Stand Down at Restaurant Chain in San Antonio


Safety is at the core of everything Sevan does.

Sevan conducted a Safety Stand Down at a new construction Burger King and Popeye’s combination restaurant site for the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) in Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. The purpose of the stand down was to discuss how the project was evolving, educate new team members and keep everyone up to date on additional daily safety requirements.

“Safety is our foundation and everything else we do builds around it,” said John Garcia, Vice President of Safety at Sevan. “If we didn’t have safe practices it would affect our people and their health, as well as our schedule, our budget and our reputation, which is simply unacceptable.”

Matt Wilbourn, Senior Project Manager at Sevan, is leading the Fort Sam Houston Project. Wilbourn starts his projects by going over all safety regulations and procedures to make sure everyone is on the same page. However, sometimes it’s necessary to schedule a special meeting if any part of the project changes or if there’s an increased potential for accidents.

This AAFES project is moving into a new phase where more people would be working simultaneous operations in close quarters. Wilbourn recognized the change in the project and saw an opportunity to host a Safety Stand Down meeting for the benefit of the entire team.

“Let’s take the time to stop and refocus everybody,” Wilbourn said. “It’s just 15 proactive and preventative minutes out of the workday that could save somebody’s life or stop them from getting hurt, it’s not even a second thought to do that.”

For Wilbourn, safety is something that is always at the top of his mind and has become a key part in how he conducts business. He encourages special meetings to get people refocused and ensure everybody’s on the same page.

Keeping everyone involved in a project safe and aware of various factors going on at a site is always at the forefront of Sevan team members’ minds.

“We should endeavor to have safety stand downs at all of our projects—either at the beginning or along the way to course correct any issues that we might have,” Garcia said. “Safety stand downs, regardless of the reason, are always a positive part of our projects.”

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