Sevan Multi-Site Solutions held an Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) STEP Safety Academy for company leadership at the Downers Grove headquarters on May 29 and 30.

The program, facilitated through ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), is designed to help companies in the nonresidential construction industry analyze their safety and health program. The academy was led by Mike Bellman, President of ABC, and Greg Sizemore, Vice President, HSE and Workforce Development for ABC.


“I think the academy was necessary for Sevan because it really allowed us to take a deeper look into our Safety and Health program,” Conor Coleman, Safety Coordinator at Sevan, said. “And address areas for improvement with input from all of our lines of business.”

The Safety Academy focused on leadership and emphasizing their role in building a strong safety culture within the company. Sevan invited Operations Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and Chiefs to participate in the academy.

Ron Deffenbaugh, Chief Training Officer at Sevan, said the program helped the leadership team understand STEP, ABC’s safety benchmark and measurement tool, and how to achieve World-class Safety.

During the meeting, the academy followed ABC’s Road to World-class Safety which included topics like current performance, leadership commitment and cultural transformation. Other topics included world class systems, processes and results, as well as best practice systems and processes.


The Safety Academy emphasized the importance on Sevan’s leadership taking an active role to build a strong safety culture within the company.

“The overall goal of the safety Academy was to review our current policies and procedures, and identify deficiencies—to ultimately come out with one big Sevan Safety objective to help drive forth our commitment to safety and health,” Coleman said.

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