Sevan Team Members Raise Money for Red Nose Day

Sevan is proud to support Red Nose Day—a campaign to end childhood poverty—again this year.

Red Nose Day lands on May 23 this year and has several initiatives that help raise money for the cause. Since 2015, the campaign has raised nearly $150 million and has helped more than 16 million children around the world.

One major contributor of the initiative and campaign is Walgreens, the national partner of Red Nose Day and exclusive retailer of the iconic Red Nose. According to the campaign’s website, Walgreens has sold over 40 million red noses since 2015, and the red noses are available at more than 9,000 stores nationwide.

Sevan is proud to work with a client like Walgreens, who values charity as Sevan does, and support a great cause. Sevan has also gotten involved with the campaign.

“Last year we picked a day,” Rodney Garschagen, Project Executive, at Sevan said, “and sold pizza as a fundraising event.”

Garschagen also mentioned that aside from selling the red noses at store locations, Walgreens’ corporate campuses do about a month of fundraising activities leading up the Red Nose Day itself.

“This year, the silent auction was what Sevan did to make a contribution,” Garschagen said.

To support the cause, red noses can be purchased at a local Walgreens store or donations can be made on the Red Nose Day website,

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