Sevan’s fifth annual Summer Intern and Co-Op program included 26 students from seven different colleges and universities. The interns and co-ops gained experience and provided support across eight different business areas including project management, design, survey, people solutions, accounting, marketing & communications, IT and legal.

To kick off the Internship and Co-Op program, Sevan hosted a Summer @ Sevan orientation in June. In its second year, Summer @ Sevan brought in 25 interns from six states together for true teamwork and collaboration.

“We felt an intern orientation would be a good opportunity for them to meet each other, form friendships, and create a network for the future,” said Morgan Ehemann, Senior People Relations Coordinator at Sevan.

Summer @ Sevan is a chance for interns and co-ops to get acquainted with each other and the organization. For some, this summer marked their first experience with Sevan. For others, this summer was a reunion with a company they’re familiar with and have interned at before.

Now that the summer internship program is nearing its end, a few interns reflected on their experience and their time interning with Sevan.

Max Evans, People Solutions Intern

Biggest takeaway from your time at Sevan:

There are so many different things that I have learned from my internship/co-ops here at Sevan!

  • Hard-work pays off.
  • Everything you learn is a shortcut to learning something else, and every skill you learn doubles your chances of success.
  • Listen to what others say and help them solve the problems they didn’t even know they had. Trying to solve those problems behind the scenes without being asked is one of the best ways to be a great employee.

Chandler Berlinger, Data Analytics for Walmart

Biggest takeaway from your time at Sevan:

  • Always be prepared for change.
  • I’ve worked across 6 different departments (Surveying, Virtual Tour 365 Creations, Project Management/Coordination, Financial Analyzing, Pre-Construction/Estimating and Data Analytics) on 4 different clients (McDonald’s, Walgreens, Walmart and internal).
  • My job changes all the time, so I need to always be ready to adjust accordingly.

Mara Tobe, Walgreens Interior LED

Biggest takeaway from your time at Sevan:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A large majority of the time people are glad that you asked.
  • The business world/this company is built on the emphasis of question asking. Asking questions leads to growth.

Greta Antonetz, Assistant Project Manager for Walgreens

Biggest takeaway from your time at Sevan:

  • Confidence in managing a program within Walgreens
  • Communication skills with contractors
  • I was coming into a role that I had no experience in (project management) and was trained very well from the employees at Walgreens. I was able to work with more than one program and balance my tasks in an efficient way.
  • My co-op at Sevan was my most valuable co-op in my college career.
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