Sevan’s female work force reflects on, celebrates International Women’s Day

Katarzyna Kurek
Project Manager, Design

Katarzyna Kurek, who has been a Sevan Multi-Site Solutions team member for almost two years, recalls how she celebrated International Women’s Day – which is observed globally– when she lived in Poland.

Back home, International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and recognition of women, especially in the workplace, she said.

When Kurek was applying for her position at Sevan, she was told her team was looking to hire more women in the field of architecture and diversify the team. Since the construction industry is mostly male, Kurek said it was good to hear that one of the goals of the department was to bring more women into the design team.

Kurek believes that if you are qualified and capable of doing a job, you should be given the chance to do the job. She said that women bring different points of views, different perspectives and different approaches to executing work that can add value to any industry, position or situation.

“Women want to advance, and they want more responsibility,” Kurek said. “And at Sevan that’s being given.”

Sarah Gonzalez
Talent Scout

Sarah Gonzalez, who has been with Sevan for more than two years, said International Women’s Day is a day to be excited and reward women for all they have achieved in the workplace, at home and in their communities – while also keeping sight of what still needs to be done.

“International Women’s Day is a reminder of equality in the workplace,” Gonzalez said. “As a recruiter, I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure we have equal pay, equal opportunity and that peoples’ talents are being used.”

Gonzalez is hopeful for the future of women and the role they play in business. As a professional she hopes to help other women succeed and thrive where Sevan does business. As a mom, she hopes to empower her girls to be strong, influential women.

Gonzalez also shared that her mother was a part of the first class at Princeton University that accepted women to attend.

“When you listen to their stories and struggles and listen to what they had to overcome and how they did it,” Gonzalez said, “that’s helped push me into a direction and make sure things are moving forward.”

Angelica Poole
Senior Project Manager

Angelica Poole, who has been with Sevan for five years, said that since joining the Sevan team she’s seen a lot of changes with women being involved in the company.

Poole said that there are many qualities that women have that make them excellent leaders, including persistence, multi-tasking, intuition and communication to name just a few.

Although Poole believes there is still a long way to go in terms of equality and recognition, especially in the construction industry, she’s very hopeful for the future.

“We tend to think we are limited in what we can do, and we shouldn’t be, really,” Poole said. “We as females need to overcome that and we need to realize that we are leaders and we don’t need to hold back anymore.”

Andrea McCord
Account Payable Accountant

Andrea McCord has been with Sevan for about five months. To McCord, International Women’s Day is about recognizing women, their power, their achievements.

“The recognition is overdue, and we have to encourage ourselves and each other that our dreams are not impossible,” McCord said. “We can’t give up and our voices have to be heard.”

McCord said women have excellent soft skills that are helpful, especially when working in an office.

She explained that as an accountant, she needs to make sure that bills get paid in a timely manner and that everyone is taken care of in the company and in her office. McCord explained that being nurturing and self-aware are very important to her job and in getting her point across without intimidating people.

McCord is hopeful for the future of women in business and in general.

“The sky is the limit for women,” she said.

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