Einstein Noah Restaurant Group and Sevan are teamed up for a program of interior remodels, new build projects and permitting across multiple markets in the West and Midwest. Work to date has spanned some 50 locations including the Detroit, San Diego, Las Vegas and Denver markets. The work is split between new builds, minor open-store remodels and major closed-store remodels.

New Builds and Rebuilds

Working on behalf of the client, Sevan’s role has included overseeing active construction, working with the general contractor to ensure compliance of the Einstein brand and standards, as well as overseeing GC/vendor procurement, equipment management, budget management, schedule management and project close out.


The open-store remodels are accomplished during closed hours and must be ready to reopen by 5:00 A.M. each day.

The interior portion of the remodels includes the upgrade of décor (floor and wall coverings), fixtures and fittings, equipment changes, reconfiguration of front counters and LED lighting upgrades throughout. Some interior remodels also include kitchen work. Exterior remodels include primarily sign and awning installation.


Permitting encompasses all due diligence required for all construction activity. This includes planning and zoning, building, fire, and health permits. All required conditions are researched prior to submission as well as the necessary documentation required to secure approval from the applicable jurisdictions.