Sevan works with McDonald’s Development Groups providing A&E services, program and project management for remodels, new builds and national initiatives.

Sevan’s nationwide relationship with McDonald’s was first launched with the So Cal Success Acceleration Program, affectionately known as SAP. SAP is the largest remodel program ever undertaken in the history of McDonald’s. It has touched over 650 locations and is managed exclusively by Sevan in concert with the McDonald’s Development Team.

SAP is bold, innovative, and honors Ray Kroc’s founding vision of providing Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value in a family environment. The So Cal Success Acceleration Program resulted from the powerful idea of completely reinventing the customer experience at McDonald’s restaurants.

SAP delivered breakthrough results for McDonald’s. During summer of 2017—the midpoint of the SAP program—the So Cal region leapt from #21 out of 22 McDonald’s regions to #1 in Average Sales per Customer and from #22 to #1 in Guest Counts!

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New Builds and Rebuilds

Sevan works closely with McDonald’s Development Groups across the country to manage the planning, zoning, permitting, and construction of restaurants nationwide, including the challenging markets of New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Manhattan Projects

Many of McDonald’s Manhattan projects are inline conversions of existing space on the ground floors of high-rise buildings. These projects present unique and complex challenges to design, planning, permitting, execution and closeout. McDonald’s and Sevan teams approach these challenges with a focus on successful delivery of quality construction while working with the development challenges of the New York urban areas.

California Remodels

Sevan’s experience includes managing remodel projects in challenging markets in cooperation with McDonald’s Development Groups and the network of independent owner/operators. The locations remain in operation during the six-week remodel program with all of the challenges inherent in open-store remodels.