Starbucks operates thousands of stores across the U.S. and Canada which is a difficult and complex responsibility. New builds, site acquisitions and remodels all have unique challenges and require different approaches to complete the project. Staying organized is also paramount to completing projects on-time and on-budget with minimal disruptions.




Starbucks partners with Sevan to manage their multi-site construction program. Sevan provides Starbucks with project management, survey, design and construction services to complete each store. Sevan’s survey and design teams assess the condition of each site and their assets to determine the project scope. Once the scope is complete, the project management team creates the build schedule and the construction services team executes the project.



Starbucks has partnered with Sevan for over six years and continues to do so today. To-date, Sevan has completed 1,200 new builds and remodels and has conducted over 1,200 site surveys, producing assets such as 360° Tours, As-built drawings, Revit models, Point Cloud Mapping, SSR and final photos. Working closely with Starbucks, the Sevan PM and construction teams created a process to complete Starbucks new builds in 8 weeks, remodels in 16-21 days and refreshes in just 3-5 days.