How to Provide Critical Healthcare Facilities in the Wake of COVID-19

Recent CDC scenarios estimate there will be a large increase in hospitalizations in the United States due to COVID-19 and that the hospital space required greatly exceeds the current capacity. Hospitals and government officials are looking for alternative solutions to care for patients and aid the nation’s medical system.

Hotel to Healthcare Concept (H2HC): program management & Support

The government’s Hotel to Healthcare Concept (H2HC) is underway to provide much-needed expanded care facilities in key areas of the country. Alternatives range from building pop-up hospitals to converting other facilities including hotels, arenas, conference centers, schools, churches, and dorms into:

  • ICU hospital rooms
  • Temporary non-critical hospital wards
  • Quarantine areas
  • Triage spaces
  • Short-term homeless shelters

Based on our extensive multi-site solution experience, we have developed a 6-step process to execute these vital facility transformations quickly, safely, accurate, and cost efficiently.

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