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Game-Changing Technology. Revolutionary Innovation.

Sevan deploys cutting-edge technology to capture, assemble, organise, and analyse survey, assessment, and site data more rapidly and more accurately. Our integrated, end-to-end solutions have been proven with the world’s most successful brands and organisations.

The Sevan CAPTURE mobile survey app dramatically streamlines
assessments, improves accuracy, and enhances reporting
to deliver data essential for fact-based decisions.


Sevan SURVEY interactive, 360° virtual tours let you virtually walk through
any store—from anywhere, at any time—and call up fully integrated
assessment data.

The Sevan ANALYZE data analytics platform integrates
assessment data, business intelligence, and economic reporting
to enable connected planning that speeds the decision making cycle.
This accelerates ROI and adds business value
for our customers.

Anticipate the unknown and future proof your remodel and renovation process.

Sevan precision laser scanning and point cloud technology combine with 3D Revit modeling to develop a precise Building Information Model (BIM) of the built environment. This “digital twin” of the actual physical space — accurate to within 3.175mm — helps eliminate risk and uncertainty. Technologies like virtual reality can then be used to visualize options. Designers can revise floor plans, change decor, swap out equipment, and then walk through the revised virtual reality model to experience the impact of their changes. The result? Managers can anticipate the future and make smarter, faster capital decisions. They can adapt to changing conditions without fear of blind spots or knowledge gaps to maximize ROI.