Market Sectors – UK and EUROPE

Global brands like 7-Eleven, Albertsons, BP, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Walgreens Boots Alliance rely on Sevan for:

Financial. Sevan team members have multi-site experience with a number of leading banks. Programmes include re-imaging, new branch construction, renovations, brand integration, and large scale ADA due diligence surveys for JPMorgan Chase, as well as full-site due diligence surveys for JPMorgan Chase and BB&T.
Government. Sevan brings innovation developed in the commercial world to government projects. Our expertise allow us to deliver powerful budget and schedule efficiencies. We are well equipped to handle national and regional programmes, including fixed-bid, negotiated, and public/private venture contracts.
Grocery. Leading grocery retailers rely on Sevan for cross-functional multi-site expertise, including new builds, remodels, and regulatory compliance.
Healthcare. Sevan enables healthcare providers like HCA and DaVita to keep pace with the changing face of medicine. We help improve existing healthcare facilities and build modern, efficient healthcare treatment centers.
Housing and Hospitality. Sevan leads the way with innovative programmes such as military housing privatisation and modular construction for construction projects and programmes in the housing and hospitality sectors.
Restaurant. Sevan is revolutionizing how McDonald’s and other restaurant owners build, remodel and renovate. Whether using cutting-edge survey and assessment technology to optimized A&E processes to innovative project and vendor management collaboration models, we’re dramatically enhancing efficiencies and accelerating schedules.
Retail. Retailers like the Walgreens Boots Alliance are transforming how they remodel, renovate, and re-energize their retail environments. Sevan is playing a leading role in this transformation, helping achieve quality in-store execution, faster time to marketing, and maximum ROI on capital spending.
Retail Fuel and C-Store. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure flawless execution and faster ROI for owners building new retail fuel sites, adding to existing pads, re-imaging acquired properties, upgrading lighting, or enhancing C-store food and beverage offerings.