Our team of leaders and staff are skilled in program and project management, construction management, zoning and permitting, asset and facility maintenance management, and alternative energy solutions.

In addition, we have staff who are registered professional engineers (PE), registered architects (AIA), Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), LEED accredited professionals, and who have numerous safety certifications including OSHA and API Work Safe.

Jim Evans 600x715
President & CEO
Steve Kuhn VP Operations 2017 2
Chief Operations Officer, Construction Services
Tom Glatz VP Operations
Chief Operations Officer, Design
Jim Furis W
Chief Revenue Officer, Business Development
Ron Deffenbaugh VPPerfExc
Chief Training Officer, Development & Performance
Roy Blessing Cropped 4 2015
Senior Vice President, Operations
Mark Kinnare 600x715
Senior Vice President, Operations
Nick Peters 600x715
Senior Vice President, Operations
Troy Stephenson OpDir
Senior Vice President, Operations
Defilippis Joe 600x715
Vice President, Design
George GeczyIII Project Executive
Vice President, Operations
Ed Hurst 600x715
Vice President, Design
Chis Truschke 600x715
Vice President, Operations
Jason Bentley 600x715
Vice President, Technology & Innovation
Chris Galazka 600x715
Vice President, People
Brian Lundquist 600x715
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
JohnSchneider 600x715
Vice President, Finance & Risk