Sevan Completes 50 Store Test Phase of ADA Upgrade Program 18 weeks ahead of Schedule



Albertsons needed to implement a strategic ADA remediation program in which 2,000+ stores were evaluated and updated. They ran a test phase of the program in which select stores in different geographies were updated to adhere to ADA compliance requirements.


Sevan partnered with the grocer and provided 50+ site surveys to inventory all non-compliant interior and exterior fixtures. Once data was collected, Sevan managed the ADA updates including project planning, design and permitting, procurement, construction management and project closeout. The Sevan team ensured the updates were completed on time, on budget and satisfied all current ADA requirements.


Sevan successfully executed the 50+ store test phase of the ADA Upgrade Program to enhance sites so they conformed to new ADA compliance regulations. The project scope was completed ahead of schedule in 18 weeks and spanned 11 different geographies. The program provided the retailer with the information they needed to determine how to proceed with the other 1900, locations.